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The Model 500 Saw Vac connects to the side of your Ledsome Double Mitre Saw. The powerful 980 CFM blower keeps sawdust out of the air and off your work area. A handy vac clip attaches the 500 to your saw in an instant. The 500 also has a chip-collection box that catches the drops. The Model 500 Saw Vac runs off normal 110 electric current. 1200cfm blower. FOB Brownwood, TX.
Lube Systems:
#600 -- Lube System for Ledsome Model #6000
#100 -- Lube System for Ledsome Model #1000
1 gallon Acculube
 Years of research went into the development of our Lazer Blades to come up with the perfect mitre blade to cut all mouldings: wood, filet, plastic, metal or composite. Lazer Blades are sold as matched sets and are stamped with serial numbers. The blades are always sharpened and used as a set. Lazer Blades are the blades that we send with our new mitre saws and the only blade we recommend for use on all of the Ledsome Double Mitre Saws. Lazers are a 90-tooth triple-chip dynite tooth design with a special hook and grind, making them work so well in all mouldings. Available in 12- and 14-inch blades, all Lazer Blades have a 1 bore.
Extended Scale:
#900 -- 120 stainless steel scale (when saw ordered)
#900 -- 120 stainless steel scale (saw upgrade)
#800 -- 36 infeed stand
Euro Accessories:
8009 -- 7mm green Wedges for soft molding
8010 -- 10mm green Wedges for soft molding
8009-070 -- 7mm red Wedges for stacking and hardwoods
8010-100 -- 10mm red Wedges for stacking and hardwoods
9000-007 -- 7mm blue Wedges for stacking and both soft and hardwoods
9000-010 -- 10mm blue Wedges for stacking and both soft and hardwoods
8000-015 -- 15mm white Wedges
Orders for six boxes or more will receive 10% discount.
   9009-170 -- set of four pressure pads
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     #2000 wood/metal                                #9000H wood hydramatic            #9009 Table model
     #7000 hydramatic wood/metal                                                                   #9011 semi-automatic
     #6000 hydramatic wood                                   NEW!!!                              #9012 fully automatic
     #8000 wood sample saw                             16" Model #9900
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