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Company Information
        Ledsome Machine, Inc. has been the sole designer and manufacturer of the Wall Double Mitre Saw since 1975. As manufacturer, Ledsome had no responsibility for Operations and Wall Moulding was responsible for Sales and Service and marketed the saw nationwide.
        G. K. Ledsome began Ledsome Machine in 1973. Since then they have manufactured many types of equipment and machinery for a wide variety of industries. The family-owned and operated corporation has established a reputation of quality work and service. They gladly stand behind their reputation as one of the finest service companies in the industry.
        For replacement parts, blades or service, or to purchase a new saw, please contact Gearold K. Ledsome by correspondence, telephone or Email. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you purchased a pre-1988 saw, we would appreciate hearing from you as there are no records existing for saws sold prior to 1988.
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     #1000 wood                                           #9000 wood                                  #9005-06 with stand
     #2000 wood/metal                                #9000H wood hydramatic            #9009 Table model
     #7000 hydramatic wood/metal                                                                   #9011 semi-automatic
     #6000 hydramatic wood                                   NEW!!!                              #9012 fully automatic
     #8000 wood sample saw                             16" Model #9900
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Ledsome Mitre Saws
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